Country Adaptation

Because every customer is unique, SPR focuses on each specific case paying attention to small details.


“Effective Language Learning”

At SPR Global Mobility, we are aware of the importance for our clients to learn the language of the destination country in order to succeed in both social and professional situations.

We offer private or group lessons and intensive courses for expatriated children in various age groups (preschoolers and teenagers), with daily and remote training. We adapt to the schedule and needs of the client and their family.

We also provide homework assistance and help with any language barriers to ensure their academic success.

“Facing Cultural Differences Between Home and Host Destination”

SPR offers cross-cultural training tailored to the specific needs of the expatriate and their family. Understanding the cultural differences and lifestyles of the host country significantly reduces the risk of potential misunderstandings or mismanagement. This basic knowledge helps expatriates, and their families cope with the cultural differences between their home and host destination.

Our cross-cultural programs focus on communication techniques, behavioral adaptation, information about the host country, orientation, and corporate conduct standards.

Dual program training

“Spouse Program”

SPR Global Mobility offers a program to assist the spouse in job search as well as any other educational program requested. We assist them throughout the process, from job hunting to updating their resume and making any necessary changes to meet the goals set in the new destination.

Cultural & City orientation tours

Getting to know the city, its history, and traditions will make the adaptation process easier. SPR Global Mobility organizes personalized tours with experts in the area who will answer your questions, guide you through the city, and provide you with interesting information about the city and its surroundings.

Events & teambuilding activities

We cooperate with leading companies to deliver fun corporate themed events, conferences, evening events and tailored activities based on our customer requirements. Our activities are designed to promote teamwork, creativity, teach leadership skills and improve performance and customer satisfaction.

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